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What is Strolling? 

On a local television dance show in Idaho in February 1958, local teens dance to one of the biggest dance crazes out of the late-1950's called The Stroll, which originated from American Bandstand. This dance was

performed in a line formed with boys on one side and girls on the other, creating an isle between them. The boy and girl in the front of the line would meet up in the middle, grab hands and stroll their way down the line, as the other kids in the line would move their way up to the front using the same dance steps that the couple moving down the line would use, but move from side to side instead. When the first couple made their way down the line, another couple would meet in the middle and stroll down the aisle.

During the 1980s the was a resurgence of the London "Rock n Roll Scene" The girls would "stroll" and the boys would "bop" this dance for the girls was created "The London Stroll"

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